Client Story #2: Product Compliance

One of our clients developed a product that was intended to build community. They came to us for help because they wanted to know if the intended use of the product would be permissible under federal securities laws.

Their proposed use, although permissible, would have required significant time and money to comply. Given the company's developmental stage at the time, this was not feasible. In addition, the possible civil and criminal penalties they could have suffered for non-compliance was not an option either.

With our client’s goals in mind, we suggested modifications to the client’s product and provided advice for deploying and advertising the product in compliance with relevant law.

The client was able to create a product that met their objectives and did not have to go through the time and expense of navigating various regulatory hurdles in order to market or sell the product.

Today we are thrilled to report that our client is successfully selling the product and their customers are seeing results!


Our client stories are purposefully vague so that the client is not identifiable and confidential information is protected.