What is it like to work with our attorneys? Hear from experiences of actual clients:

"As the founder of a tech startup in the blockchain space that has been around the block (Techstars NYC, Techcrunch Disrupt Battlefield, and more), I've interacted with many, many attorneys, and Onki Kwan is the best I've found.  I sought her out initially on the recommendation of another founder after my company created our own cryptocurrency and needed help making sure everything was legally sound.  Onki quickly grasped our unique value proposition and business model in a way that few have, and she was an absolute delight as a collaborator.  I felt incredibly lucky to have found her and was well taken care of every step of the way.


But not only did Onki go above and beyond both in the work she did with my startup, she was an absolute godsend in her management of another crypto issue I asked her to take on, involving an exchange that had essentially stolen Litecoin from me 4 years before Onki and I were introduced.  I had given up hope of ever seen that crypto again, but Onki went so far above the call of duty here that she even took it upon herself to make certain all necessary filings were in despite my being off the grid completely, at a silent meditation retreat with no internet connectivity.  I have never even heard of another lawyer caring for her clients to this degree, and I am forever grateful to Onki for her help."

- R.C. 


"I have had the pleasure of working with Onki on a few different projects and my experience has been first class. Her expertise in start-up and legal entities was extremely beneficial for me and our team when we were starting a non-profit with a missional business component. She helped me identify my options and work through the pros and cons of each to ultimately make the right decision. She also helped us achieve our non-profit status. I approached Onki on a different project where we were trying to raise funds to transform a property into a self-sustaining revenue generator to fund non-profit work and she again provided excellent advice for different funding sources. Onki is a excellent listener and her professionalism is unmatched, making me feel like a valued client. I would highly recommend Onki and as can see, I’ve continually gone back to her."

- T.M. 

"Ms. Kwan assisted in a very complex contract process regarding a music CD collaboration. She provided excellent advice, exceeded our expectations for competence, prompt response to client changes and produced a document that reflected the needs of all involved. 

Ms. Kwan is a skilled and competent attorney who has excellent interpersonal skills and follow-through. We feel fortunate to have found her."

- P.K. 

"Ms. Kwan is personable, conscientious, intelligent and a superb all around attorney. She has a keen legal mind with a voracious appetite for learning. She is highly organized, asks excellent questions and meets deadlines on time. She's always a welcome participant in meetings and is known for her astute and helpful contributions. In addition, Ms Kwan posses a genuine affable nature making her a valuable member of any team."

- C.F.